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Our Content Management System

Why Our CMS is So Easy to Use!

Why Our CMS is So Easy to Use!

Custom CMS - Easy Updating explain
Because our CMS is customized to your website design, you get the best of both worlds: easy updating and proper display of content AND a professional affordable option for a dynamic website.

Toolbar is Just Like Word! explain
Anyone can use it! You can create Bullets, Numbers, Indents, change your headings, add images and files, add hyperlinks to other pages, the list goes on.

Pre-Set Styling explain
During the design phase of the website, we create the Headings and text by determining the Font Types used, Font Size as well as the Text Color. This means you can't mess it up! Consistency and professionalism is at the forefront of the design, that's why, with your help we determine ahead of time what will be used.

Add Your Own Images & Files explain
You have your own Image and File Gallery where you can store all your Images/Photos as well as PDF's, Word Docs, etc. This means you can insert any of the Images or Files into your Content Area and the text will wrap around the items appropriately.

Monitor Website Traffic Stats explain
Our robust system allows all our clients secure access to their Website Traffic Statistics. You can view stats by day, month, year; what page people enter and exit on; what countries they are visiting from; keywords and phrases that people searched to get to your site etc. This is included with all websites, free of charge.

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CMS Overview

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A standard HTML website is static and fixed. This means that to change any text and/or images, the page files that make up the website must be edited then uploaded to the web server. To do this you either have to be a web programmer/designer or you have to hire one. With a CMS the content within the pages that make up the website are not hard-coded into the pages (static), but retrieved from an online database when a user requests a page.

Why do you need one?

Well, imagine having to call your Designer or Programmer every time you want to make a change? Not only is this an archaic practice but it can be pricey and frustrating. The solution is a CMS which allows you to update the content of your website whenever you want.

Why Lease a Content Management System?

Cost: For starters, a CMS runs from about $5,000-$50,000+ (depending on its level of complexity not including the cost of the website design itself) to purchase outright and then you need to hire someone to maintain and run the CMS on an ongoing basis eg. full-time/part-time in-house IT person. Usually this option is reserved for very large big budget corporations.

Leasing offers many advantages: No set up costs and fixed low monthly payments are just some of the financial benefits that Content Management Leasing offers. Leasing is one of the fastest growing methods that the world’s leading companies are enlisting to more effectively cost control their web applications. DynaDesign is one of the first web development companies to offer a complete and cost effective answer to the high cost of getting your company or organization on the Internet via CMS Leasing.

Why DynaDesign's CMS?

  • Professional:

Because our CMS is Custom Designed to your website - not a template CMS - this makes updating the content of your website really easy. Everything you see on the front end of your website is custom created in the CMS making each section of your website formatted exactly how it was intended to display. Templates can be cheaper but the lack of proper formatting and flexibility is usually not worth it.
  • Affordable:

Because there are no upfront fees, there are no separate hosting fees, no maintenance fees, no design fees, etc. and only ONE FIXED LOW monthly payment...

  • User Friendly:

DynaDesign provides a custom CMS making updating your website streamlined and easy. During the design process, we determine where everything will go making each page formatted precisely to your needs. The Toolbar is recognizable as it works like Word and has all the standard options. This means you can punch up your content as you see fit using the Toolbar features. We also have an extensive Help section which can answer most questions if you get stuck.


CMS Features

Inserting & Updating Your Content:

  • Toolbar: Bold, Italics, Headings, Tables, Bullets, Numbering, etc
  • Hyperlinks: You can create your own links to other pages in your website or other websites all together
  • Image/File Gallery: You can add images and files throughout your text
  • Style Sheet: The style sheet is determined during the design phase and is set in the Toolbar

Managing Emails & Access Levels:

  • Email Accounts: You can create and manage your own email accounts and email alias accounts which route to other existing accounts.
  • Admin Accounts: You can create who has access to the CMS therefore who can make changes to your website.
  • CMS Log: The log allows you to see who has logged in, who has made changes to what and when.

Keeping Track of Your Marketing Efforts:

  • Website Traffic Statistics: You can see how many hits, unique visits, what key words were searched, all organized by day, month and year.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can manage your own META tags. This means you can change your Title tag, Description tag and your keywords (all of which get displayed in Search Engines when people are looking for you!).

Scalability and Growth:

  • Members Area: This is essentially a place designed specifically for your Members so the sky's the limit. (They log in with unique usernames and passwords.)
  • Newsletters: Our CMS has its own eNewsletter function. You can create campaigns to different target groups all via the CMS.
  • Custom Forums: If you think you are in the need for a Message Board or Forum, we can make that happen. Get your people talkin'.
  • eCommerce: If you want to start selling your product online, we do all the set up work to make that happen and we DO NOT take a percentage or your earnings, ever.

Additional Features:

  • Audio and Video: We can create downloadable or streaming audio or video on your website.
  • Podcasts: We can create a podcast on your website which allows others to link to the podcast.
  • Downloadable Products: If you want people to be able to download your audio files and pay for them, we can make that happen too (eCommerce only).
  • Photo Gallery: We can do many different custom photo galleries, making yours industry specific and within the website design itself.

CMS Updates:

Since we have an ongoing relationship with our clients, it is in our best interest to stay on top of new trends as well as continue to look at new ways to make our system user friendly. As we continue to develop the CMS we pass on these new features and functions to our Clients FREE of charge.

Technical Questions

  1. What kind of Server do you have?
    We have an industry standard dedicated server with a hardware mirrored raid for hard drive redundancy.

  2. Where is your Server located?
    Our server is located at a major United States Dedicated Data Center in Texas.

  3. What platform do you use?

  4. What do you code in?
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl/CGI, and SQL.

  5. What kind of backup procedures do you have in place?
    We have two back up servers located in the U.S. All web files, data files, database files, emails and configurations are backed up on these daily.

  6. How much Storage is allotted per website?
    Our average client is allotted 100 Meg that is included in the package price.
    (Additional storage is available for a small monthly fee;
    or we will include the additional storage estimated in the price of the website i.e. audio or video required websites etc.)

  7. How much Bandwidth is allotted per month per website?
    Our average client is allotted 25 Gig a month which is included in the package price. (Additional bandwidth is available for a small monthly fee;
    or we will include the additional storage estimated in the price of the website i.e. audio or video required websites etc.)